Mission Updates

Harmony Women’s Missions routinely supports 11 missions with prayers, notes of encouragement and funds.  Many of these missions have been Harmony’s missions for over 70 years!

Living Hope Ministries – Haiti, Mary Jane & Andris

A Note from Mary Jane and Andris: We are so blessed and thankful for all your response to our Virtual Fall Benefit (Help Make a Home in Haiti) during the month of October. We received everything on our Dream List – WOW!!! AWESOME!!! How awesome it is to be loved by God and you all. Thank you so very much. We are continuing to finish up the remaining masonry work outside and inside. It is so exciting. Thank you for helping accomplish this home in Haiti for us. Special thanks to our faithful quilter, friend, and supporter that donates quilts to the benefit yearly. Thank you so much, the funds raised by the 4 quilts are going for the general mission expenses. Thanks again. We have begun ordering the windows for the apartment. The cabinets, kitchen table, and doors are all in progress in our Welding School shop. Also, the new cover for the baptismal font is in progress. The Primary School students completed their school year in October, and school is scheduled to open in early November for the new school year. The Trade School is continuing through December, with the government exams in November & December. The new Trade School year is scheduled to start in January 2021. This has been a crazy school year worldwide as well as here in Haiti. We are praying for a better one next year. Thanks again and again for all your love and faithful support and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Mary Jane and Andris

Paraguay – Joy and Robert Varga

Dear loved ones and friends,
Our thoughts are with you all, now more than ever…💞🙄🙄
We are praying that God will bless you and keeping you safe and healthy as you stay close to Him…🙏
Here the latest news…
*National General Assembly of the Methodist church…
After a difficult start this year for us personally, (see former newsletter) the Lord is turning things around for us…and how!!! Our God is an Awesome God!!!Obedience comes first…☝
The Lord has tried to get through to me for the last two years to let go of the clinic ministry, but l had a hard time obeying Him… 🙄
Ministering to the people thru the clinic is such special way of reaching them, for Christ, because it opens up the way for integral care: mind body and spirit and I really love doing that!
I kept telling myself, just one more year, but that was one more year of disobedience…😌
 December 2018, when we went to the US for a visit l had a fall which caused me to have terrible pain for one year and two months due to a crushed vertebrae (L2) and sclerosis of the sacroiliac joint that made standing, sitting, walking and even laying down for a bit, very hard…
I couldn’t sleep on my left side anymore, nor on my back, they also detected osteoporosis and told me that pain meds would help me.
That wasn’t the case, so l stopped taking them.
Many times l was wondering why and even blamed the devil for it all, thinking🤔 (prideful) he was fighting me and l wouldn’t give in to him!!! 💪
While all the time l was going against the Lord’s will for the next season/step in my life…
l just didn’t get it!
I write all this so you can understand what happened next…
So this February l talked with the Bishop explaining him that l needed to give up the clinic ministry…
1. That l had ignored what the Lord had showed me and had kept showing me for the last two years.   
2. That the Lord had put a strong desire in my heart to concentrate more on Bible studies and Discipling in church and at the school as well as personal witnessing.📖👩
3. That due to my physical problems l couldn’t continue with the clinic.   
He understood and  gave me the permission to share that at the General National  Assembly, which held on the 22nd and 23th of February, so l did, after sharing my report  and video presentation of the year 2019, then…
*The Lord healed me…🙌
When the Assembly was finished we got in the car to go home. l had to lie down because of the pain from sitting and standing too long those two days…
On the way we stopped at a supermarket to pick up some groceries.
I went in with Robert to have the chance to walk around for a bit for with a shopping cart. It’s easier for me.
While standing still next to him having my hands on the cart, (I don’t know how.) I fell to the ground on my left hip/bottom side… (I wasn’t dizzy or feeling bad, it just happened!)
All l could think was “Lord help me!”! l scared dear Robert, myself and a lot of other people!
After getting up and sitting down for a while, l got up and something felt completely different. I had no pain and l could move and walk normal.
I told Robert and he and l thought the same way, that it was due to the shock!
But in the evening l went to bed and still felt no pain. I slept all night, even on my left side!
Woke up without pain and I am still walking normal
… (For the ones who know me, walking normal is a term that’s stretched a bit! Ha…But being without pain is heaven to me! PTL!😇
Robert has helped me to rearrange everything with the clinic because we had to move the store room to a different place. He worked so very hard doing that! God bless him!
We went around to hospitals together to donate things and l did the meds inventory for St. Mathew’s medical team which has been planning to come in July (If the situation with the corona virus improves and borders will be opened.)🤒😷🤕 Please keep praying for that…
I gave everything over to MD. Hugo a Paraguayan doctor and to the missionaries Christian and Angelica Dickson who have (since the last medical missionaries left in 2005) been my right hand in helping with short term medical teams. Another one who helped me is Sue, my dear prayer partner…
For me, those 26 years have been so very special because it was by the Grace of God l could serve in that capacity and l thank all the medical teams that have been working with me all these years…
l have learned so much from all of you and thank the Lord for all the love, compassion and professional care that you have given and shared freely from your hearts with our people here and with me…and most of all the blessing of leading many patients to Christ by your example…
*Dengue and the coronavirus
Here in Paraguay we are just about getting over de Dengue problem and over 300 people died from that alone…So many were sick and had their defenses down and are just now getting back to health.
We were ready to go on and are suddenly confronted with the corona-virus just like many of you around the world…
For a country like Paraguay it’s hard to get people to obey and keep the safety health rules for they have a country’s custom, which is a family tradition, of sharing the local tea here (Terere) which they sip from the same cup with the same metal “straw” and keep passing it around until it’s finished…👫👪👪👫
Even friends and strangers are invited to join the family circle when they come for a visit.
For now this is a very dangerous habit which is very hard to break…🚫
As for Robert and me, we explained to them kindly from the very beginning (31 years ago) that our “traditional drink” is black coffee and our body is used to that. They understood and accepted that graciously!☕☕
Another big problem is that many different neighborhoods have been and are without water days on end because of the incredible hot summer we have…There is not enough water to go around!💧🚿🛀
Personal hygiene has always been a battle here and now we are praying more than ever for  Divine protection and solutions…🙏
As for now we have over 18 cases of the corona-virus officially confirmed and the government does all it can to keep it contained.
The medical conditions are very precarious😟 and we pray with all our heart that God has mercy on Paraguay…and on the whole world for that matter…🌍🌎🌏💛
Borders are closed, flights cancelled, restaurants closed, and curfew from 8 pm until 4 am strictly observed because of threats of a one and a half year jail sentence … or an outrageous fine to pay..👮.People are staying inside. This restriction is urged for 15 days and was extended until the 28 of March…For people who are in quarantine it will last until after Easter…
We have no idea where this will go here in Paraguay if we have to depend on the precarious health system it might be that nobody will survive here as many are very ignorant of how serious the situation is…
But we do have an Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God… Psalm 103:19. And He always has the last say!!!📖🙌

*Our Church ministry
Paraguay might not have much but, they have cellphones…

 Churches are closed and we are sending devotionals, bible studies, prayer chains, encouragement and counsel from our cell phones…📱 and remind them to not be fearful or enter in panic but be wise, obedient and prayerful in all things.🙏🙏🙏
The government is asking the families to pray as one within their houses and to bring in donations of nonperishable food…families depends on a day by day income and have no money saved, for they simply don’t have it! The situation is serious! It is literally living by faith…🕯


Our Sunday school class for the children is being continued…
Robert is working with a small group of brothers from our church working outside in the open air… 🏞
Now that they can’t travel or work they are helping out in that area which really lifts their spirits.
And Robert ministers and encourages them personally this way, something the men really appreciate…
(Since last night that changed as well…It has come to a standstill for now due to new government restrictions.)

*school ministry and mom’s discipleship classes…
I was so happy to restart the Discipeling program with the moms from the school, but it was short lived!
The government closed all the schools and the moms have their hands full with all their children at home looking after them…🙆🙅🙍💁
Thank God for cell phones for l am able to encourage them and counsel them with the Word from my phone… All we know is that God is in control and we do what we can and encourage others to do the same…Praying, believing, obeying and trusting Him! There is no other way out!
We have the assurance of Eternal Life and keep sharing the good news until the end…💛💌💛
We need to be reminded of what the Bible says in Titus chapter 3:1 to 8.
And have our eyes on Him, Our All in all…A living Hope!

We would like to end with Deuteronomy 7:9 
We love and thank you for all the care, prayers and support you have blessed us and Paraguay with…
Please take care but don’t despair for He IS there💛 …with you and us!
Robert and Joy Varga…💞🤗

Proverbs 22:9 

Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY is a long time mission of Harmony. HS has a colorful history.  It began in a notorious section of Appalachia in an area originally known as South America for its relative remoteness near Cumberland Gap, a rugged forested, deep valleys area in the southeast corner of Kentucky bordering Virginia and Tennessee. 

South America was renamed Frakes  in 1930 for the local Methodist pastor, Rev Hiram Frakes.To help the valley, Rev Frakes built a school in 1925 for the community children. Dorms were provided for orphans and students living far away. Over the years what has followed is : a community church, farm, craft store showcasing citizens skills, paved roads, rural electric, health clinic, volunteer fire station,  food pantry, women/infant support, baby pantry, thrift store, greenhouse,  adult ed, GED classes, home repairs outreach, health classes, and Appalachia Service Support.

Interesting Facts:

1. Harmony members have traveled to HS for work projects and on Christmas provision deliveries.

2. Once a year, an offering is taken at a Sunday service to HS for Christmas.

3.  Frakes population: 606; County (Bell) population: 30,060.     Population of Tiffin=17,546; Upper=6,595; Sycamore=828; ‘Scutch=389; Melmore=159 .  Population of Seneca County=56,745; Wyandot=22,064

4. You can’t get there from here. Really. GPS devices do not work in the area.

5. HS got its name from Bill Henderson who gave all his 68 acres of land for the school.  

Hankering for more info?    Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY    ph 606-337-3613   www.hendersonsettlement.com***Several times a month, HS has a live show on its Facebook page called “BIG SHOW”. It is a running commentary of what’s going on at HS but reminds me of a Bob and Ray comedy routine, in the local accent.

Can you hear Me now?

One relatively recent mission commitment of Harmony is NewVisionFM, a listener supported 24 hour Christian radio station in Upper Sandusky.  Harmony UMC sponsors the twice daily Monday through Friday radio ministry of Dr David Jeremiah and Harmony’s UMW (United Methodist Women) sends a check quarterly to put toward operational funds. Lee Wadsworth and his daughter Carol are at the radio station the last Tuesday of each month helping stuff envelopes with newsletters. During the yearly share-a-thon in November, Lee and his wife Donna and daughter Carol help where ever needed (running errands, answering phones, etc). Lee also pitches in with yard work at the station!  Harmony helps send the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and to the world, by supporting Christian radio.   For more information about this radio ministry, to donate, to volunteer, to receive a monthly newsletter:NewVisionFM  (www.NewVision.FM)1800 E Wyandot AvenuePO Box 158, Upper Sandusky, Ohio  43351; phone 419-294-2900
Tune your radio or listening devices to: 91.9 FM WXMF -Marion; 89.3 FM WXMW -Sycamore; 90.1 FM WXML – Upper Sandusky. Translators: 97.5 W248BT -Findlay  and 101.9 W270CL -Fostoria

Henderson Settlement – TN

Proverbs 22:9 Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY is a long time mission of Harmony.HS has a colorful history.  It began in a notorious section of Appalachia in an area originally known as South America for its relative remoteness near Cumberland Gap, a rugged forested, deep valleys area in the southeast corner of Kentucky bordering Virginia and Tennessee. South America was renamed Frakes  in 1930 for the local Methodist pastor, Rev Hiram Frakes.To help the valley, Rev Frakes built a school in 1925 for the community children. Dorms were provided for orphans and students living far away. Over the years what has followed is : a community church, farm, craft store showcasing citizens skills, paved roads, rural electric, health clinic, volunteer fire station,  food pantry, women/infant support, baby pantry, thrift store, greenhouse,  adult ed, GED classes, home repairs outreach, health classes, and Appalachia Service Support.Interesting Facts:1. Harmony members have traveled to HS for work projects and on Christmas provision deliveries.2. Once a year, an offering is taken at a Sunday service to HS for Christmas.3.  Frakes population: 606; County (Bell) population: 30,060.     Population of Tiffin=17546; Upper=6,595; Sycamore=828; ‘Scutch=389; Melmore=159     Population of Seneca County=56,745; Wyandot=22,0644. You can’t get there from here. Really. GPS devices do not work in the area.5. HS got its name from Bill Henderson who gave all his 68 acres of land for the school.   Hankering for more info?    Henderson Settlement, Frakes, KY    ph 606-337-3613   www.hendersonsettlement.com***Several times a month, HS has a live show on its Facebook page called “BIG SHOW”. It is a running commentary of what’s going on at HS but reminds me of a Bob and Ray comedy routine, in the local accent.

Joy & Robert Varga – Paraguay

 Dear friends and loved ones…
Blessings to all!!!💞
Robert had his 70th Birthday and we thank the lord that he is very healthy and going strong! 🎂 He is such a blessing!
I am going by faith with my health and the Lord keeps me going…when you read the testimonies you will understand why! 
We hope and pray that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We did and we have so much to be thankful for!🙌 
Here we go with our newsletter!
*Church ministry…💒
We were seriously praying and thinking of taking a year of Sabbatical due to health problems, but the Lord made us decide otherwise!
In spite of my back problems and having to travel 3 hours back and forth to church, these two years of service there have been so special to us.  Now we are seeing results in the growth of faith and confidence of the congregation towards the Lord and a hunger for the Word!
The Bishop asked us to consider another year of pastoring there, since there are not enough pastors to cover the churches.  Last week we were officially reappointed there…
We are in peace about it and our people are thrilled and thankful. So are we!
Last Sunday, seven of our members, young couples, received their certificates for completing a Bible Study called: “The spiritual World”. 
A basic course on how the world and Satan has misled many from the Truth, the simplicity and the power of the Word of God…📖
It opened their eyes and created a hunger for the Word…

We are already six weeks into another study which is called: “A new life in Christ”.  They are really getting into it!
To be able to teach a group who are hungry and thirsty for the Truth is a tremendous blessing and inspiration!
*Another testimony of David and Lila..👪.
We wrote you in our last newsletter about David and how he decided to return the amount of too much change that the cashier in a small supermarket had given him, even though he was in dire need and tried to convince himself that it “came from the Lord”. And how the Holy Spirit convicted him otherwise…🕊😇
Well, Lila his wife is a very timid and fearful girl and it took a Touch of the Lord and His Word to get her to where she is now…🙌For two years we have been working with them through the Bible studies, counseling and prayer time which has given her faith, made her grow and blossom and helped her overcome her fear!
She now understands that the opposite of fear is to have faith in her Savior and Lord,☝ depending on Him and staying in the Word…
Now she is coordinating the services on Sundays! 🙋
Placing her confidence in the Lord and His Word she is sharing the Scriptures that she herself looks up and studies… (She checks with us beforehand as to see that nothing is taken out of context.)
Last Sunday we were not there…  the Bishop and his wife went to our church to do Pastoral evaluation of our ministry with the members of our church.
 Lila did the coordination of that service and the Bishop complimented her on it!
 They are such a precious couple .The Lord is teaching them new things every day and they are so inspired!🤗
Last week David and Lila took it upon themselves to help teach another new couple to catch up on their Bible study lesson for next week… It seems that these are small things and nothing much to write about… but to us they are miracles of change in the lives of people and we praise and thank the Lord for it!
Robert and l are now working on the Christmas and New Year program. Everyone is excited to be a witness for Jesus!🔔🔔🔔
*The Sunday school building:🏡
To be honest, things have gone really slow with that building project due to all the rain we have had and now the excuse is that it is far too hot… I guess the Lord is teaching us to have patience in that area as well!
We really think that things will change; now everyone knows for sure that we stay another year! So we have to trust the Lord and our people to do it! The start is there, now we need to pray that they will finish it! 🙏
*The school Discipeling program:📚📖
Rosalinda (see former newsletter) 
the psychologist that came for counseling and prayer received Jesus as her Savior and is slowly learning and beginning to understand that Jesus also wants to be  the Lord of her life! Something we all have to learn…Thank you for your prayers for her… It took a while for the truth to settle in but the Holy Spirit was faithful in revealing through the Word the many misconceptions she had…
Her questions and opinions were very challenging at times and l have had to ask the Lord several times to please help me to have patience and be compassionate and to give me wisdom.
We are both learning in the process…😇😇

Also, Thursday was the last day of the Bible Studies for the Moms of the students.📖📜
Five of those moms received certificates for the disciple course studies they had completed.
Through the year they have grown so much and are reaching out to other mothers from students.
This year was not easy for them for they had to fight difficult battles, at home, at their work and faced challenges with their children…
Here is the story of one of the moms: Mirna📝
l shared before that she and her household got saved one by one and her marriage and love for each other restored. Only God can do that!
It went all very well but then she got a call from someone telling her that her son was arrested and put in jail…🔗🔒
She was home alone with her 5 year old and they prayed for help…
She said that the first thing that came to her mind was:  “Trust Me!”  She knew it was the Holy Spirit for it came through strong and very reassuring.
So instead of “freaking out” as she put it, she felt peace and gave it all in the Lord’s Hands☝
What had happened was that her son Francisco was working as a money collector for a business.
He went at that time into the National Congress building🏛 for that was where his client worked.
As always he showed his ID card and to his surprise was immediately arrested👮 and taken to jail like a criminal and they took him to a nearby police station in a very poor neighborhood nearby where they threw him in a cell under inhuman conditions with no toilet. Nor food! No beds and a dirt floor.
His two other inmates had to teach him how to defecate and urinate onto de wall so that the whole cell wouldn’t get covered…😵The stench was horrible and it happened to be a very hot day!
That’s where they took his mom to meet with him…She had brought food and water for him for they don’t supply that either, but Francisco didn’t want to eat or drink out of fear that he had to go to the bathroom…
The other two inmates were very hungry so Mirna offered the food to them🍜 and they devoured it as they had been there for almost 3 days…
Francisco and his mom prayed together holding hands though the bars…Mirna’s husband Juan, was out of town for a job and it being a Friday it looked like they could do nothing but wait until Monday…🙄
(What had happened was that a neighbor, who worked at a cellphone company, had taken a chip under the name of Francisco and was blackmailing a person who was working in the congress building threatening to reveal compromising photo’s as evidence in exchange for money…)
They sent Mirna home and she cried out to the Lord not knowing where to go from there! 🙏🙇
All she could hear from the Lord was to trust and to forgive…She did, with a childlike faith and trust!
She said that if she hadn’t had the Lord she would have con crazy with worry!
That same afternoon Francisco’s boss calls her and offers her a lawyer from his work.
That was 5:30 PM!

That lawyer phoned her and told her he would do all he could to get her son out of jail.
Then she phoned me, and told me what had happened. We both prayed with conviction a verse that came immediately to mind…📖🕯
Isaiah 54:17. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. And their righteousness es from me saith the Lord.
We called the intercession group to pray and she also included a neighbor with whom she had been faithfully sharing the Word.
It was a very difficult night for her and her son and she stayed up all night praying for protection and a miracle!
The lawyer got her an audience in court the next day; Saturday, there was her, miracle because usually the court is closed for the weekends and Mirna said that she knew that the Lord had opened that door.🙌
She met with the lawyer and he said he really didn’t know how that could have happened and Mirna told him that it was God’s doing… Saturday afternoon her son was set free with an alternative measure of house arrest and she knew it was the power of prayer! She trusted that He would do the rest as well!
📣Six days later they found the real culprit and it came out on TV🎙 nationwide and in the newspapers.📰
The story with her son never went public and she says that happened because of God’s protection and care for His children. She is more convinced than ever that God is Sovereign and in control and she gives Him the Glory!
Her son Francisco, being 24 years old, got really shook up by all this and saw the care and love of his Heavenly Father, Who made Himself real to his heart…💟 Mom and son went to jail to tell the neighbor’s son that they had forgiven him and that they had learned through all this, that God cares…and they encouraged him to turn to the Lord. He is the son of “Jehovah witnesses” and Mirna’s family prays daily for him, his name is Derlis.
We will keep you posted on the developments!
*National Women’s Congress:👩👩👵👧
It was three days and wonderful!  Our little country church and women stood out with their skit on the Bible vs the cellphone…📖📲
I was overtired and hurting and Robert and l knew and agreed l should resign as the chaplain of the National Women’s Federation. I have loved doing it for   many years, but it’s time to for someone younger and Paraguayan to take over the torch! And I am so thankful for the wonderful years I shared with these precious women. We had elections and we have a whole new directive and a new chaplain! All Paraguayan PTL…🙌
I need to end this… we send you soon the second part!
We wish you all a wonderful, blessed and meaningful Christmas!
Our souls magnify the Lord and we rejoice in our Lord and Savior
.🔔🎼🙌We have an awesome God!
We love you! Robert and Joy💞

Living Hope Ministries – Haiti

Haiti has been in civil unrest for the past 1 1/2 yrs. with guns, fires and riots breaking out all over Port-au-Prince. This is where Andris and Mary Jane Jolibois have their missionary campus and school. Because of the danger, they have not been safe to go outside the walls of their compound and the students have not been able to start school yet this year. Here is an exerpt from their newsletter:

Mary Jane Basel (now Jolibois) has lived in Haiti since 1986. Before Living Hope Ministries in Haiti (LHM) was incorporated as a non-profit organization on October 13, 1994, she worked at the N.E.W. Mission as a primary school director and the director of the mission’s medical clinic. Mary Jane was a nurse and a member of Christ the King Church in Columbus, Ohio. After consulting with her pastors in Columbus, Mary Jane felt led to leave N.E.W. Mission in May 1994 to start a new mission. Mary Jane sought the Lord’s will for her future: she considered moving to Tanzania in Africa or Tajikistan in the former Soviet Union. Finally, she was led to start a new mission in Haiti. With a total of $6,000 in contributions, Mary Jane and Pastor John Taranto flew to Haiti in February 1995 to try to find property for the mission. Most of the properties they visited cost between $50,000 and $150,000. The Lord, however, led them to a mission called Caribbean Mission for Christ in Haiti which owned some property (although the current LHM mission property was located three years later). The mission was located in Marianni, Carrefour about 15-20 miles outside the capital city of Haiti. The Caribbean Mission had no American missionaries and was mostly unused except for the church, an orphanage, and a medical clinic that was used a few times a week. The then-leaders of that mission had been praying for God to send someone so that the mission could be used again. In April 1995, Mary Jane returned to Haiti full-time to begin LHM. The original purpose of the mission was to establish a school of ministry to train up Haitian young men for the ministry. When Mary Jane got there, she inherited eight Haitian staff, a house, and a few beat-up cars. Twenty-five years later, much has changed at the mission. But much has remained the same. The people of Haiti need Jesus. And they need an education. Through God’s work at Living Hope, lives are being changed. Many Haitians have been saved. The mission has a top-notch primary school (pre-K to 6th Grade) that serves over 400 students, a trade school that currently offers 11 options and serves over 400 students, and a fully constructed and active church. Mary Jane was ordained 15 years ago, and the trade school is celebrating its 15th anniversary as well. Mary Jane and Andris Jolibois married in 2005. They seek God’s will in everything they do. They run the mission together – with the prayers, help, and support of many people, including you. Current Fund-Raising Initiatives: Two Projects: 1.) An apartment for Mary Jane and Andris on top of the guesthouse. 2.) An extension on the front of the church for the youth and office overflow. Thank you ahead of time for your generous giving to enable us to accomplish these projects.

Our Mission: To train a generation of young men and women to change their families, communities, and nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Action

Please pray for their safety and for peace in Haiti. You can go online to see updates on the unrest in Haiti at: http://www.haitiantimes.com or at Living Hope’s website at: http://www.livinghopehaiti.org


Latin Home Missionary Association – Mexico

Paul and Helen Groman of Latin Home Missionary Associations in Brownsville, TX. have ministered for over 50 years. Paul was born and raised in the north end of Tiffin and graduated from Columbian High School. Helen is a graduate of Old Fort and met Paul when her family moved to the area. After marrying, they immediately moved to the Tex/Mex border to start their ministry.

They have 2 daughters, Carol and Rachel.  Carol married Steve Burks from Sycamore. Some of Steve’s relatives still live there. Steve and Carol currently live close by Paul and Helen with their son Noah (12 years old) and adopted a daughter from China, Selah.  Rachel, their  other daughter, teaches and helps record the radio broadcasts.

Although it is no longer safe for Paul and Helen to go into Mexico themselves, they continue their ministry with bi-lingual tracts and a large radio presence.  Many of their Spanish tracts are passed on to their Mexican pastor friends going back and forth over the border.

Please pray for Paul and Helen as they continue to serve through Harmony and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior. All donations to Latin Home Missionary Association go 100% to literature and radio broadcast expenses.  To contact the Gromans the address is:

Paul and Helen Groman

Latin Home Missionary Association

PO Box 1972

San Benito, TX  78586


It’s A Boy!  Oct 2018 – Peru

Our newest pledge of support is to a sweet little boy, Jean Carlos Manuyama Manuyama, who lives in Orchard Children’s Home in Peru, a Christian residence operated by Kids Alive International.

Orchard consists of family style homes with loving house parents in each home caring for eight children. Jean Carlos was abandoned by his mother and father before being rescued by Kids Alive and now he I part of our Harmony family!

His favorite things are:

Food: Chicken

Activity: Riding a bike

Subject in school:  Art

Animal:  lion

Sport: soccer

Pray for little Jean Carlos and Orchard Children’s Home and for all the other ministries that Harmony supports. Since 1993 Kids Alive has been rescuing orphans and vulnerable children. To learn more, check out http://www.kidsalive.org

Haiti Mission Trip March 2018

Haiti mission trip was enjoyed by everyone as Angie, Luke, and Becky posted pictures to Facebook and prayers went up for all. God’s everlasting love. Let that sink in. Our mission team had trials while we were preparing to leave for the trip. Each one of us had a time when that old devil tried to put a brake on the plans that God had placed before us. Finances. Sickness. Anxiety. Fear. ID’s lost. Doubt. Travel warnings. Tiredness. And more. When we recognized that this had become a spiritual warfare, we upped our prayers. We stood in the need of prayer. Our families prayed. Our friends prayed. Or church prayed. God gave us Holy boldness to say to the devil, “Not this time. You won’t win now or ever.” We didn’t look back. We arrived. 4 Bible lessons. 4 Bible crafts. 650 plus children and teachers. Over 1300 eyes watching our every move and holding on to each word we said. Over 2600 little hands and feet who will know who Jesus is a little bit more once we leave the gates. They are Haiti’s future. Not what the news represents or what the papers say. You look right into their vibrant eyes and just try to say that you are having a bad day. You can’t. It’s impossible. So, we are again, standing in the need of prayer. Pray that Haiti professes Jesus as Christ. Pray for these beautiful children that once they walk into their homes late at night that the light of Christ within them shines evermore. Haiti needs our prayers. #harmonytohaiti#keeponpraying

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