Mission Updates

Haiti mission trip was enjoyed by everyone as Angie, Luke, and Becky posted pictures to Facebook and prayers went up for all. God’s everlasting love. Let that sink in. Our mission team had trials while we were preparing to leave for the trip. Each one of us had a time when that old devil tried to put a brake on the plans that God had placed before us. Finances. Sickness. Anxiety. Fear. ID’s lost. Doubt. Travel warnings. Tiredness. And more. When we recognized that this had become a spiritual warfare, we upped our prayers. We stood in the need of prayer. Our families prayed. Our friends prayed. Or church prayed. God gave us Holy boldness to say to the devil, “Not this time. You won’t win now or ever.” We didn’t look back. We arrived. 4 Bible lessons. 4 Bible crafts. 650 plus children and teachers. Over 1300 eyes watching our every move and holding on to each word we said. Over 2600 little hands and feet who will know who Jesus is a little bit more once we leave the gates. They are Haiti’s future. Not what the news represents or what the papers say. You look right into their vibrant eyes and just try to say that you are having a bad day. You can’t. It’s impossible. So, we are again, standing in the need of prayer. Pray that Haiti professes Jesus as Christ. Pray for these beautiful children that once they walk into their homes late at night that the light of Christ within them shines evermore. Haiti needs our prayers. #harmonytohaiti #keeponpraying