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The United Methodist Women (UMW) at Harmony routinely supports 15 missions with prayers, notes of encouragement and funds.  Many of these missions have been Harmony’s missions for over 70 years!

Robert & Joy Varga – Paraguay

We have had a very wet and cold winter here, but on the 21th of September we welcome the Spring with open arms…PTL! Robert’s health is great and he is going strong and we thank the Lord for that daily! Good health is a tremendous blessing!
As for me, my back pain is constant, some days very painful and other days bearable and l really try to keep praising the Lord, knowing that that is the best thing to do. Although, l am not always successful!
But we keep going for the Lord and keep up with the work although at a slower pace…As we pour out, He pours in and we can never outpour Him🙌
We realize more and more how important it is to stay close to the Lord, filling up with His Word, giving it out and then refilling ourselves with the Word and have proper rest!
It’s time to share with you what the Lord has been doing and is doing here in Paraguay

 The medical group of St Mathew  came again during their summertime which our wintertime vacation from the school here…
They have been coming for 21 years in a row and our people here are waiting for them to come and for many of them it’s the only time they see a doctor a dentist or an oculist or to have good medicine provided by the pharmacy.
We also had a nurse station where they do the screening, wound care and analyses and gave lots of loving care…
One of the doctors had brought his ultra sound equipment and they also brought a new eye machine! PTL! (for the old one had given up the ghost after almost 15 years of service)
Also their pastor came with them and served alongside his team wherever he was needed which was fun and a great testimony!
We had set up the clinic on Sunday afternoon after a inspiring worship service, and during the night the rain came down in buckets without stopping together with lightening and thunder. It was bad and we had to go to the clinic early in the morning and it still poured.
In that particular area when the dirt roads get wet it turns very slippery and the people and our vehicles were litterly skidding and sliding like they were on a snowy and icy road in the US. Some got stuck and some brave doctors, the pastor and youth got soaked and muddy while trying to get the vehicles going again.
We got into the clinic area later then was planned and to our great surprise many people had come thru that weather to see us, and they kept coming in barefoot, slipping and sliding! 
It was a blessed time for all of us together to share the love of Christ and see His compassion touch our people through the medical team and their helpers (who are young people on fire for the Lord and are willing to serve wherever needed as well)
The group could only stay for one week, which includes the traveling to the worksite, setting up the clinic and then the next day, four days straight of intensive work attending to the patients…
This time we attended to 1.113 patients and 147 patients received the Lord as their Savior🙌 79 adults and 68 kids who are being followed up by the local pastors in their comunities.
Then they break up camp, say goodbye, travel back and fly back home!
It was wonderful to see how much they care, fit in, interact, have fun and pray for the people…For us missionaries it’s a touch of home when they come…
They bring their own cook and assistant cook who spoil us all with incredible meals not to mention the desserts.
The cook is also the music minister of the church who after the meals, devotions and testimony time blesses us with playing and singing hymns together in English, which is for us a little bit of heaven here on earth.😇
Oh, that men would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works unto the children of men…

Thank you St. Matthew church for all the help, care, medical supplies and blessings received!!!Also thank you for all our other friends all over the US who have been covering us in prayer🙏 during this time with the clinic…

One thing that has really amazed us and we are so thankful for is that in spite of the bad and cold weather these last three months, our people kept coming to church and that is really something, for they have to walk quite a ways on slippers and barefoot to get through the muddy roads.
Many of them are poor, and we had to deal with lots of sickness among our members and their children and also had to make some visits to the local hospital, which by the way is in not such a good state and doctors and nurses are way understaffed.
Also in July and August we had two “Encounters with God” programs, one for women and one for men and the people from our church who attended had life-changing testimonies.

Dave & Lila: This young couple has gone through lots of trails, difficulty and sickness and struggled with a spirit of fear that was very strong, we have been constantly working with them and they finally understood that if they stay close to the Lord and in the Word they can overcome their fears.
Now they give testimony almost every Sunday on how the Lord is teaching them through the Word, they are starting to step out by faith and see how God cares and provides.
Seeing things in a new way and being new creatures in Christ, they share with chidlike honesty their testimonies…

When we first came to this church, Robert had built an emergency Sunday school from wood for the kids since that was an immediate need.
This winter we couldn’t do much, but last Sunday after the service four of our members including Robert started the work on the terrain for the new Sunday school. It was a beautiful afternoon and they got the foundation (7 x4 meters) dug.
Also one of the members donated 500 bricks, for he makes them himself…
We need your prayers for better weather and more volunteers…for we would love to see this project finished as soon as possible!

There is so much more to share, but that will have to wait till next time! 
Please keep us in your prayers, specially for our health and my back.
Also for His continuing Grace and Strength and above all His protection!
We love you and pray for you!!!!
God bless you and keep you safe and healthy…Robert and Joy


Latin Home Missionary Association – Mexico

Paul and Helen Groman of Latin Home Missionary Associations in Brownsville, TX. have ministered for over 50 years. Paul was born and raised in the north end of Tiffin and graduated from Columbian High School. Helen is a graduate of Old Fort and met Paul when her family moved to the area. After marrying, they immediately moved to the Tex/Mex border to start their ministry.

They have 2 daughters, Carol and Rachel.  Carol married Steve Burks from Sycamore. Some of Steve’s relatives still live there. Steve and Carol currently live close by Paul and Helen with their son Noah (12 years old) and adopted a daughter from China, Selah.  Rachel, their  other daughter, teaches and helps record the radio broadcasts.

Although it is no longer safe for Paul and Helen to go into Mexico themselves, they continue their ministry with bi-lingual tracts and a large radio presence.  Many of their Spanish tracts are passed on to their Mexican pastor friends going back and forth over the border.

Please pray for Paul and Helen as they continue to serve through Harmony and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ our Savior. All donations to Latin Home Missionary Association go 100% to literature and radio broadcast expenses.  To contact the Gromans the address is:

Paul and Helen Groman

Latin Home Missionary Association

PO Box 1972

San Benito, TX  78586


It’s A Boy!  Oct 2018 – Peru

Our newest pledge of support is to a sweet little boy, Jean Carlos Manuyama Manuyama, who lives in Orchard Children’s Home in Peru, a Christian residence operated by Kids Alive International.

Orchard consists of family style homes with loving house parents in each home caring for eight children. Jean Carlos was abandoned by his mother and father before being rescued by Kids Alive and now he I part of our Harmony family!

His favorite things are:

Food: Chicken

Activity: Riding a bike

Subject in school:  Art

Animal:  lion

Sport: soccer

Pray for little Jean Carlos and Orchard Children’s Home and for all the other ministries that Harmony supports. Since 1993 Kids Alive has been rescuing orphans and vulnerable children. To learn more, check out www.kidsalive.org

Haiti Mission Trip March 2018

Haiti mission trip was enjoyed by everyone as Angie, Luke, and Becky posted pictures to Facebook and prayers went up for all. God’s everlasting love. Let that sink in. Our mission team had trials while we were preparing to leave for the trip. Each one of us had a time when that old devil tried to put a brake on the plans that God had placed before us. Finances. Sickness. Anxiety. Fear. ID’s lost. Doubt. Travel warnings. Tiredness. And more. When we recognized that this had become a spiritual warfare, we upped our prayers. We stood in the need of prayer. Our families prayed. Our friends prayed. Or church prayed. God gave us Holy boldness to say to the devil, “Not this time. You won’t win now or ever.” We didn’t look back. We arrived. 4 Bible lessons. 4 Bible crafts. 650 plus children and teachers. Over 1300 eyes watching our every move and holding on to each word we said. Over 2600 little hands and feet who will know who Jesus is a little bit more once we leave the gates. They are Haiti’s future. Not what the news represents or what the papers say. You look right into their vibrant eyes and just try to say that you are having a bad day. You can’t. It’s impossible. So, we are again, standing in the need of prayer. Pray that Haiti professes Jesus as Christ. Pray for these beautiful children that once they walk into their homes late at night that the light of Christ within them shines evermore. Haiti needs our prayers. #harmonytohaiti#keeponpraying

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