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Mark Shaferly

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Mission Moments with Mark

April 2022

When I was in China and Easter was approaching, I asked my students if they knew what Easter meant. I was surprised that very few students even the few Christians that were in my classes knew about Easter. They knew more about Christmas than they did about Easter.

In all of my classes, I showed them a film  about the true meaning of Easter. The film began when Jesus was arrested, and taken before the authorities, beaten, mocked, and led to Calvary where He was crucified. I had a couple students run out of my classroom when they saw the horror that Jesus went through.

The film showed Jesus dying on the cross and the darkness that encompassed the city. Jesus lifeless body was taken off the cross and put in a tomb. On Sunday morning some women went to the tomb first to be surprised to see the stone rolled away and seeing inside they saw an angel. The angel told the women that Jesus wasn’t there and that He was raised from the dead and to go and tell His Disciples.

After watching the film, I know that they knew the true meaning of Easter.

Coming up. We will have an Easter Sunrise service starting at 8:00 a.m.. The service will involve the children. My nephew and niece, Victory’s children,  will be there and if you have children,  grand children, nephew or nieces please invite them to that service. I will write a play for them to participate in. After the Sunrise service, we will have breakfast and Easter egg hunting for the children.

God Bless you during this Easter Season. Jesus is the reason for this Season.

Pastor Mark

March 2022

A prayer for the Ukrainian People

If you watch the news, you have heard that Russia invaded Ukraine. I watched for a good time and I saw women with children wondering what to do. One took her children to a basement close to the front for protection, and others getting on busses to find safe havens. I would imagine that their husbands are fighting or will fight for their country and freedom.

I was fortunate when I served in the Army that I didn’t have to fight. I went in after the Vietnam war. While in the Army, I was trained to be ready for any action where we would be called up to defend our country. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, the military, and their government as they fight to defend their country. My prayers are with those who have put their lives on the line and those who have loved ones who died to keep their freedom and democracy. We should all remember them in our prayers.

February 2022

Romans 10:15 says “And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace; Who bring glad tidings of good things!” Isa 52:7.

I was asked what will we do when we get to Colombia. We will fly into Barranquilla and go through customs. It is required that we have our covid shot records or you will not be able to enter Colombia. We would get settled in our hotel and the next day visit Roseline who we sponsor. I will see if we can visit her school and talk to her classmates, and we might take them some gifts. We might visit some Christian Churches in Barranquilla and have a service with them. The Christian Churches are very happy when other Christians from foreign countries, especially Americans, visit them.

From Barranquilla we would go to Santa Marta which is about a two- hour drive away. We would work with the Christian Church in Santa Marta to see how we can help bring the lost into his church. I would see if there are any Indian Churches close by that we could visit. There are other cities that we could visit, but because of our time limits, that may be impossible.

I was thinking of leaving for Colombia on Sunday, June 12, after church, or Monday June 13 and returning Saturday, June 25. Those who go could tell of their experiences while on a foreign mission trip on Sunday, June 26. All of this will depend on the covid pandemic.

We will be helped by the Missionaries from South America Mission.  That is the organization that I went through when I went on my two mission trips to Colombia.

Jan 2022

There were two New Years in China. The first is like ours. They celebrate January 1st as the New Year, but the biggest celebration took place during the Chinese New Year. 

I was invited to attend the Chinese New Year at one of my student’s home town. I went and stayed at a hotel. The Chinese New Year could occur during mid-January to mid- February and it’s the Chinese’ most celebrated holiday. 

I was sleeping in my hotel when I was abruptly waken up by a string of fire crackers. At midnight someone lit a string of fire crackers above the hotel and the Chinese New Year began. I didn’t get much sleep that night when the celebration began. The next day my student picked me up and took me to her house. We walked the streets of her town and people were playing majon. Majon is like our dominoes except there is different characters on the blocks. I learned how to play majon and even won one game.

During the Chinese New Year, which lasted several days, there is a special dinner that the Chinese make. I can’t remember all of the food names but most were delicious. The next day we took another walk and we came upon another celebration. There were two men under a lion outfit and another guy beating a drum. They would enter a house and set off fire crackers while the drummer did his thing. I asked my student what is going on and she said they are casting out evil spirits and welcoming the new year with good luck. This happened at several houses.  

As I look back at how the Chinese celebrated their New Year, I took from them that we should cast out or demons and welcome a new year filled with good luck, and as Christians, to be led by the Holy Spirit. 

Happy New Year to you and may you be blessed by the Holy Spirit. 

November 2021

I learned a lot while in the mission field.My first mission trip was in Colombia where I was with a group of other young adults. We spent three days at a Christian college in Miami, Florida preparing for our ministry in Columbia. We learned how to witness to people with the help of tracts written in the Spanish language, and we prepared for different services for where we were going to minister at. We held our services in churches, schools, and outdoors. We sang songs in both English and Spanish, visited Indian churches and saw how they worshipped. It was a good and learning experience for me and for the other young adults who went.

I talked about taking a group of young adults on another mission trip at church and if you are interested in going please let me know, or if you have friends who might want to go, they are welcome. I’m planning on going somewhere around mid-June 2022 for about twelve days.

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