Mark’s Missionary Moments

Mark Shaferly

I’m an avid fisherman so if you can’t find me, that’s probably where I’ll be!

I learned a lot while in the mission field.My first mission trip was in Colombia where I was with a group of other young adults. We spent three days at a Christian college in Miami, Florida preparing for our ministry in Columbia. We learned how to witness to people with the help of tracts written in the Spanish language, and we prepared for different services for where we were going to minister at. We held our services in churches, schools, and outdoors. We sang songs in both English and Spanish, visited Indian churches and saw how they worshipped. It was a good and learning experience for me and for the other young adults who went.

I talked about taking a group of young adults on another mission trip at church and if you are interested in going please let me know, or if you have friends who might want to go, they are welcome. I’m planning on going somewhere around mid-June 2022 for about twelve days.

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