Sunday school classes offered:

Nursery: Babies through pre-school

Pre-school-1st grade

2nd grade-5th grade

Post high school class

3 different adult classes

“Nursery” is also available during Worship services. “Junior church” during Worship service is for Kindergarten – 4th grade. There is one junior high student that helps the teacher each week. Dress is casual.

Sun 1/20:  All events cancelled today due to weather.

Mon 1/21:  No Dartball

Wed. 1/23:  Kidz Klub @ 6:40pm

Thurs. 1/24:  Admin Council @ 7:30pm

Compass Financial Bible Study will begin February 8th.  Prayerfully consider and seek the Lord’s will in your participation in this scriptural study of God’s way of handling your finances.  If interested, contact Pastor Matt Garrabrant or Dwight Detterman.


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Harmony Cookbooks: They are here! Get a copy for $10.00. Makes great gifts! All the special recipes from Harmony’s great cooks!! email: to order.

Building Use Form: The new and updated building forms for use and rental of the Fellowship Hall are on the table in the back in the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact Jinny Cochie at Thank You! building-use-form-2017