Announcements this week


Sunday school @ 9:20am; Worship @ 10:20am

Sunday school classes offered:

Nursery: Babies through pre-school

Pre-school-1st grade

2nd grade-5th grade

Post high school class

3 different adult classes

“Nursery” is also available during Worship services. “Junior church” during Worship service is for Kindergarten – 4th grade. There is one junior high student that helps the teacher each week. Dress is casual.

Sun 8/12:  Worship @ 10:20am; Sunday School @ 9:20am
  • Jr. YF and Recycled Youth @ 5pm
  • Intercessory Prayer Meeting @ 6pm

Mon: 8/13:  Youth and helpers working at St. Paul’s soup kitchen 8:30am

Mon: 8/13:  UMW @7pm

Thurs 8/15:  Youth and helpers working at St. Paul’s soup kitchen 8:30am

Sat 8/17:  Open Pantry – 9am-10:30am See Jinny Cochie

SMALL CHURCH COHORT Sat.,Sept. 22, from 9-3pm for anyone interested in our children’s ministry. Contact Shelby Morehart for more information.

Sat 8/25:  H.O.O. Campfire & Corn Roast @ 6:30pm. Everyone welcome!

Calendar of Events: Click or copy and paste this link:

Harmony Cookbooks: They are here! Get a copy for $10.00. All the special recipes from Harmony’s great cooks!! email: to order.

Scholarship Fund The purpose of this scholarship is focused to help with preparation for Full Time Christian Service. The applicant must have completed college undergraduate requirements and be attending a school for Christian ministry full- time (Seminary, Christian Education, etc.). Download an application here: Tiffin Harmony Scholarship Application revised May 29, 2017

Building Use Form: The new and updated building forms for use and rental of the Fellowship Hall are on the table in the back in the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact Jinny Cochie at Thank You! building-use-form-2017