Revival is Coming! Sept 26-29, 2021

Brother George Johnson will be sharing what God wants to do at such a time as this! Brother George stated, “You have no idea what impact you can have on your community, church or world for Jesus Christ until you dare to believe God and step out to fulfill His purpose for your life.

Your whole existence and reason for being is going to be jammed into a short space of time. Nothing experienced prior or accomplished earlier in your life means anything. It is what you allow the Lord to accomplish through you now that is going to matter. Everything accomplished prior has been preparation for this time. It will be the strength of your character and power of the Holy Spirit that will see it through.”

George Johnson will be speaking Sunday, Sept 26 at 10:20am and 7pm, plus on Monday Sept 27 at 7pm.

Pastor Brian Odey will continue the revival by sharing on Tuesday Sept 28 and Wednesday Sept 29 at 7pm. Brian understands the love, grace, and mercy of God. After being raised in a Christian home but walking away from God in his teenage years, Brian ended up in prison. Come and hear his testimony and as he shares the gospel of Christ.